Drexel Hamilton serves as the Sponsor and exclusive Referral Agent for the Overwatch Funding Company.

Overwatch Funding is a specialty finance company providing financing and balance sheet solutions to valued counterparties through commercial paper carrying the highest short-term ratings from S&P and Moody’s (A-1, P-1).

The military term “overwatch” is a force protection tactic in modern warfare where one small military unit supports another friendly unit while the latter is moving on an objective. The term was coined in U.S. military doctrine in the 1950s. The Overwatch logo represents the double arrow symbol for an overwatch on an operational overlay map, the traditional military stencil font and the Drexel Hamilton chevron eagle logo. The name and logo embody the Program and Drexel Hamilton’s secondary mission to hire and train military veterans to work and thrive in the financial service industry.