Drexel Hamilton is pleased to announce the hire of US Marine Corps Veteran, Captain Tim Rose.  Tim’s service to our country includes a deployment on the USS Boxer as a Platoon Commander as part of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit to Israel, Jordan, Djibouti, the Philippines, and Singapore.   His principle mission was to be a raid force, provide U.S. embassy security and reinforcement, and to evacuate any endangered American personnel.


“Marine Expeditionary Units have a difficult mission and are always putting themselves in harms way, we are pleased to have Tim join us”, said John Martinko (Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran, Co-President and Managing Partner).


Tim is from Richmond, Virginia and graduated from Amherst College prior to joining the Marine Corps. He will continue to serve in the US Marine Corps Reserves while becoming a full time employee at Drexel Hamilton.


“We are proud to add Tim to our team and believe all who work and partner with Drexel Hamilton would share our enthusiasm”, said Roger Elsas (Vietnam Veteran, Vice Chairman).


Drexel Hamilton provides top notch investment banking services while hiring, training, and employing military veterans for careers in the financial industry.  Now in its 11th year Drexel Hamilton continues to set the example and share best hiring practices.  The Drexel Hamilton ownership team all served their country from Vietnam to Post 9/11 wars and know firsthand the challenges of transitioning from active duty to civilian careers.  The mission at Drexel Hamilton will always be to provide first class service to our clients, give back to our veteran communities and provide job opportunities for the next wave of service members.