In conjunction with Drexel Hamilton’s Charity Day in support of veterans initiatives, the firm presented a check to the Headstrong Project on December 20th at Drexel Hamilton’s New York office. Board member Kenny Polcari, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships Dustin Shryock, and Miguel Ocegueda, accepted the $25,000.00 check on behalf of the Headstrong Project.

“Drexel Hamilton has long supported the Headstrong Project,” said Lawrence Doll, Chairman and founder of Drexel Hamilton. “PTSD is a serious, continuing problem for our veterans, and they provide a unique solution.”

Headstrong Check CeremonyThe donation was a result of Drexel Hamilton’s Veterans Day Call to Action event, in which a portion of the equity commissions generated on Veterans Day supports initiatives directly helping military veterans with the transition to civilian life.

The Headstrong Project, a veterans-serving-veterans organization, understands first-hand the hidden wounds of war. Through Headstrong, veterans receive care that is completely confidential, cost-free, and bureaucracy-free. Veterans work with specialists and clinicians to craft a course of treatment to address the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Headstrong Check Ceremony